Affiliation program works like that:

The basic referral process is as follows:
1. An affiliate signs up to the affiliate program of Quionne site. Alternatively, the affiliate is
added by an administrator.
2. The affiliate accesses the Affiliate Area to obtain her affiliate link.
3. The affiliate uses the affiliate link to promote the site through channels like Email,
Facebook, Twitter, Google+ …
4. Potential customers view the information posted by the affiliate and click the affiliate’s
5. After clicking the affiliate link, the potential customer places an order and the system
recognizes that the order was referred by an affiliate.
6. A referral is automatically recorded based on the order placed by the referred customer.
The referral holds the commission amount credited to the affiliate and this is
taken into account by the system when the accumulated totals are requested in the
Affiliates > Totals section.

Quionne will pay to the afiliates once a month 10% of the shopping done by any costumer on Quionne online shop that comes to trought his afiliate link. Referraltime out is 30 days.